Stemm Program

Supporting Teenagers Education Mothering Mentoring

Our Program is designed to provide support and understanding for pregnant girls and young mums in a safe, non-judgemental environment

The focus of the STEMM curriculum is the learner-mother. It is recognized that each young mother that enrols in the program brings a unique approach to learning and that they come from diverse backgrounds. All activity of the new curriculum will be to ensure that the learning needs of each individual mother are met to the best ability of the program.

For young and inexperienced mothers, health and childcare become essential understandings so the tension of day to day activity has reduced stress. But, literacy and numeracy remain the main goal of education. The approach taken to reach this goal will be an integrated subject approach to learning tasks. These tasks will reflect the environment, both physical and social, that surrounds the young mothers and involve them in a deeper understanding of the community within which they live. The overall focus will be on wellness as illustrated through a happy mother and child.

Many daily activities will be based upon skills that the young mothers will need in their daily life – cooking, money management, health and physical education, sewing, interaction with government agencies. Others can be to develop recreational skills such as painting, crafts, woodworking, and pottery. Each of these activities are planned to develop the young person’s self worth and recognition that they can do things.

It is possible to describe the focus of STEMM as the recovery of a young girl’s self worth. Empowering the young ladies to recognise that they can make choices and become independent and responsible citizens is a challenging task, but it can only be achieved with the determination of the individual that they can do it. This requires a feeling of value and a trust of others that they have not been given false hope. Each girl must make the transition for herself and the program is designed to be both supportive and welcoming in its recognition of individual difference.

The school program will continue to be influenced by the guidance of Education Queensland, teachers and the resources of the wider community surrounding the school. Many components of this curriculum approach allow a wider interaction between members of the community of the school. Each opportunity will be taken to ensure that the young mothers and the educators of the school feel an integrated team in the learning development of the girls in STEMM.

One of our girls has written a short account of how she became involved in the STEMM program. Her account can be read here.

The program now has its own website which explains the program in more detail.

Kelsie Rimmer, a contestant from The Voice recently helped the STEMM girls compose a song which will be performed at the Christmas in July function






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